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Jennie Vallis

I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist, art director and  designer with industry experience in theatre design, animation, education, project management and creative entrepreneurship. A BFA graduate, Board of Governors Award + Horizon Award recipient from AUArts (2011) and current low-residency MFA Graduate student, I work professionally in a range of creative industries and have exhibited both nationally and internationally in visual and performing arts.


From 2012-2017 I directed and co-founded my own production studio, Studio Cartel which specialized in large-scale 2D/3D artworks for several arts festivals, commercial clients and theatre companies.


In addition to my commercial work, I am also the founder of a nation-wide female-identifying arts collective, Big Kitty Crew which has now grown to over forty artists, the largest of it’s kind in Canada, and a new expansion in the UK. As a collective, we encourage the presence and equality of female-identifying artists in creative industries by curating exhibitions/live shows, connecting professional opportunities and providing a space for unconventional cross-collaborations. In addition to my MFA studies, I also work at the Glenbow Museum as an educator.





Download my CV here

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